Glittery Shoes Tutorial

Can you tell what I'm planning on being for Halloween?

 A little bit wide, but these shoes were scored for $1 at the thrift shop. They were NEW with sticker tags on them. 
What a great find!   
 I thought...well....I'm gonna try this crazy idea I've been thinking about. It won't hurt if it turns out bad, I only lose a buck.

Nice glue on the skirt, huh?

This is what you need:

Red Glitter
Spray adhesive

Cover a table with newspaper and lay your flats on it. Stuff the inside with tissue paper, and tape over it with clear tape. (Sorry no pics,  I didn't expect this to work...)

Cover your shoes one section at a time with the Tacky Glue. Use an old paintbrush you can throw away later. As you cover one 4 inch section at a time, pour the red glitter on that section before moving on.

Once the entire shoe is covered in glitter, look for bald spots and use the spray adhesive. Spray, pour glitter, wait.

Let the shoes dry for a few hours. Remove your packaging from the inside and slip them on.

Fantastical, Girly, Glittery...
So "Dorthy"  in The Wizard of Oz!

 Now to find blue gigham fabric that won't make me look like a wide load.
For real! Who wears that?


  1. What a fabulous project! I can almost see you now! You'll be the Hit of the Halloween-ers! ;-)

  2. LOVE these! Following you :)

  3. THEY LOOk GREAT way to go! My daughter was Dorthy one year ruby slippers and all. ENJOY!

  4. well done!! i made some too for an oz dress, check them out here:

  5. I've been looking for a good way to make glitter shoes. I found it! yay


  6. I have totally been wanting to jazz up shoes! Yours look really fabulous!! Having a giveaway at my blog . . . come join in!

  7. Wow. They are cute. Does the glitter 'shed'? That would be the only thing I'd worry about.

  8. Oh, I love the shoes! Very cute!
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  9. votre idée est EXTA
    j'aime beaucoup

  10. I definately need to give this a go. WHo does'nt need a pair of ruby shoe?

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