Crafting with Kids- some ideas from hippie

I thought I would post some things my 2yr old and I have been doing together...I'm always searching for more ideas. Keeping her busy is a task!
Here is what we've done:

We made her shoes into art: Fabric paint did the trick in a jif.

We picked up some rocks and made...

I did the painting, but she felt like she did since I let her hold the can afterwards and "pretend" spray.

She wanted to bring these rocks home:
(ummm...no honey.)

So then we had to talk about the bugs and worms that needed those big rocks for a home:

We even saw some butterflies on our journey.
Or as M says "Butt-fys"

On for more painting madness. It's great to let them splash a canvas (reused) with acrylic. Easy to wash off, nontoxic, and good coverage on the board. I like.

The finished masterpiece.

I made some necklace pendants, and I let M decorate them with glitter. Yes, I had to clean them up a bit, but she had a blast.
Glitter is so--FUN.

Peace out


  1. I love all the stuff you did with the kiddie! And I especially love the photo that says "Art 'n Soul"

  2. I missed this one! You girls are creatively busy! I love it!


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