Carry it in Style Darling...

I'm so flippin' excited about this travel case. I found it at a
(Trunk Sale) or "Boot Sale" as they say here, for about $7. This is from Roxy, which is a brand that channels California Surfer Coolness so well. 

Check it:

look at the feet!

and almost NEW on the inside.PHAT.

I love to go thrifting at the Second hand shops. I'm on the hunt for some broken in Cowgirl boots. I think they would be so fab here in England. Too bad I sold my Jess Simpson cowgirl boots a few years ago in a garage sale----dang it!

I also like to find worn jeans--which is a task in itself, for my shelf-like booty. It sticks out so far I swear it has it's own zipcode. Nice.


I love her. She's so pretty.
The Paparazzi is MUCH too hard on her. Bless her.

The newest additions to my online shop:

...and my fave: The Peace Out Vinyl Tote

It's covered in vinyl for a modern look...

Just thought I'd share-I welcome your comments.
If you have an idea to make something better-tell me.

Till then--- Peace Out.


  1. CUTE BOOTS!! I have a pair that I love, maybe I have to paint them pink lol ;)

  2. Love that Roxy travel case. We get heaps of Roxy here, it is the girl version of Quicksilver both Australian surf brands. You gotta love Roxy!

  3. can we thank Juanita for the shelf booty?? hahahahhaha Don't worry, I have the other zip code...


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