What the...?

Are you SERIOUS????

I knew the long skirt was back! YES!

I wish I could rock bangs (fringe) like this...so "Rocka-billy" cool. Love it. 
 Red heads rock.

My first Flickr Collage:

photo credits on my flickr page HERE
I don't know how to import the credit here-anyone know please tell me.
I'm in love with stripes,pink,frilly stuff, pretty cakes, vintage, and so much more.

I'm making Twilight jewels now! I just saw Eclipse yesterday with a friend-thanx Candace :o)

ahhhhh Edward!

Making more charms:
I love the Beatles. The lyrics resonate, forty years later.
Lennon is king. And that's all I have to say about that.

Shop stuff waiting to be listed.

My "Mia Warhol" creation

Made this at an AWSOME site I just discovered: Big Huge Labs

Flickr collage credits on my Flickr site-at right.


  1. Soooooo offended! I always wear a bow in my hair like that! ;) lol! Yes ahhh Edward. I need to get with it and get my flicker sat up. Yell at me this week and we can talk about what you are thinking on the swap. I think we need to make a button for people to grab but have NO IDEA how to do it.

    BTW Is that bird for real?!?! Do you do something in photoshop to make all those colors look like that on the bird? It is gorgeous! ~Shelley O.

  2. excellent flickr collage. And that green bow is, um, nice.


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