Vintage Summer Swap Event-package received!

For the Vintage Vacation Swap hosted by Jenny Holiday,
I happend to be matched with an uber-cool chic in NYC...yes peeps, New York --the capital of the world if you ask me. Jen G  is a foodie, and from what I gather on her blog, likes all things colorful, modern, edgy, and fun. Just my style! Here is what she sent me:

Oh-and just FYI: When you're from cornfields in Illinois like I amBrooklyn happens to be so exotic and hip. Anything New York is just.....well--amazing.  I grew up west of Chicago--W A Y west. Heeeeheee.

If you could smell this tea you would DIE!  Peppermint Tea

Isn't this gorgeous? She's wicked with a glue stick!

Various Brooklyn porn

This cozie is so awsome. The man is the pic just oooozes Dylan-Jagger-coolness, doesn't he?

My fave---CHOCOLATE! And check the price tag...whoa!
 This choc must be better than ___.

Love those anchors!

Once a hippie.....always a hippie.

Cracking up, cuz this photo montage of slabs of meat is so gross-yet so cool. Love it.

Straight Up! Brooklyn has always been "the one" for me.

Thank You Jen. Ur awsome. :o)
Peace out.

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