Sewing: The Victorian Cuff Tutorial

1.Gather a piece of fabric scrap, about 3inches x 9inches long.

2.Sew on your decorative ribbon.

3. Put hair band into end portion with metal piece inside. Sew this on several times.

4. Sew on your choice(s) of lace.
I scrunched up my lace as I sewed it on. See?

5.Sew on ric rac or other ribbon.

6. Hot glue on beads,baubles,buttons...
I added the paper toile people here and then covered them with some tulle for the "hat-net" effect.
 I love those vintage hats with the netting- they're SO hot!

7. Mark with a fabric pen where your button should go AFTER you try it on.

8. Sew on button closure.
All done!

I hope this shows how EASY it is to make a cuff. The possibilities are endless for style. Go for it, and join our swap while you're at it!!

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for another Victorian  cuff tutorial.


peace out


  1. I love it! My cuff may include some crocheted lacey stuff though.. how's that sound for fancy? teehee!

  2. What a darling tutorial you've created here and you make it look SO easy, thanks!


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