Sewing Clothing: the Peasant Dress adventure

It's WAY too big, but I kinda like it. Floaty and free--though sometimes it looks like my boobs hang down to my belly in these pics. LOL!!!! MERCY!

I added the rosettes and the petticoat to it. My petticoat has a tshirt jersey waistband, so it's super comfy. I just LOVE all the layers and ruffles. I feel so 17th century.

In my garden at home:

I hope my husband will take more pictures of my creations in the future. I was WAY to bossy/opinionated/impatient with him on this one. We must have taken 50 photos. He knows me, I may bark loud but I don't bite.  YET.


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!! You made that!?! that is amazing!! I LOVE the pictures.. hubby did a great job :) sooo pretty!!

  2. Love the dress! You are a sewing machine!! Your hubby got some great artistic shots of you. I bet he loved being bossed around! My hubby Ryan can totally relate to that! lol! Great job! ~Shelley O.


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