Sewing clothes: My Sarah McLachlan Skirt

This skirt was made channeling 1999
Sarah McLachlan -ish skirts. I saw her live at Lilith Fair and almost fainted with the beauty of her music.
It's even BETTER live-if you can believe that.

That photo is one I took of a flower in a neighbor's garden.
 I thought my fabric looked just like it.

 Check out this dress--gorgeous.
I wish I could sew up something like this!


  1. I bet you could sew something like that!! I love the one you did sew and love to wear skirts like that too. I don't know if I told you but I am taking a sewing class so I can bust out some pretties too! Tell your husband he did a great job being photographer today and look how fit and cute you look!!!! ~Shelley O.

  2. I love that that type of longer skirt is coming back in fashion!

  3. funny.. I am wearing a long skirt today.. it must be in the air.. or the stars?


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