Priness Alexa Foundation & Samsters Mommy TuTu Drive

 If you can, please...make a tutu and send it to Samsters Mommy for the Princess Alexa Foundation. This foundation provides tutus for cancer ridden children in America. 
If this doesn't just break your heart you must be made of stone.
 Enough said.

I made this one last week and mailed it today.
Super easy tutorials found on Samsters Mommy Blog--even for beginners.

Miss Ruby didn't mind me making a tutu for a fellow princess. She send her hugs and kisses with it. I found out about this great deed from my hip, stylin', couture sewin' friend over at Half Pint Honey.
Check in on her-she's sew talented.


  1. TOOO FUNNY! I linked to your blog from a tutu post I just made! Then I saw your link to mine!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! Thank you SO SO much!


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