Making Clothes: Shirt Refashion into toddler skirt

I started with this shirt....

I finished this skirt in less than 20 min-No patterns, no fussy gussy. Just do it-like Nike. :o)

I forgot to take photos while doing this project...but if you have any experience sewing, it's pretty easy to visualize.
Here are my steps:

1. Cut off top part of shirt, just under bustline.

2. If skirt is too wide, cut one side a few inches in, top to bottom.  You will sew this side up later.

3. Measure toddler's waist, add 1.5  inches  and cut non-roll elastic to this measurement.

4. Turn fabric inside out, sew up the side you cut (IF you cut it--skip if you didn't.)

5. Make waist band/casing. Turn down top of skirt 1/2 inch, press. Then turn down another 1 inch and press.

6. Sew around this newly pressed waistband leaving 2-3 inches open to fit your elastic into.

7. Safety pin one end of elastic, and run it through the waistband. Once all the way around, zig zag stitch the ends together. Now sew the opening shut.

8. Optional: hem the bottom of the skirt with a double fold seam.* If this is knit however, you don't have to do anything to the edge-it won't fray! So easy.


*Double fold seam : just turn in 1/4 inch, press. Repeat, and press again. Topstitch this down.


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)