What's for dinner?

I made this British meal today and thought I'd share some pics:
 "Yorkshire Puddings" (the little dough-nut looking thingys), homemade creamy gravy, broccoli stems with sesame seeds, and slow cooked chicken breast. All seasoned with a smattering of kosher salt, pepper, Sazon, and of course-garlic.  It tastes so good I think I'll eat dinner tonight! (Usually I like to just snack on whatever I feel like-usually popcorn or chocolate!!)

On another note-I made some CHIC things today--the tutorial almost done, for a later posting. Rainy days ARE good for something :o)


  1. Ooh I'm jealous! I'm from Yorkshire but as I live abroad and don't own an oven, I haven't had a Yorkshire pud in - well - a long time! *lol*


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