Urban Chic Denim Pin Cushion: a quicky tutorial

Recycle your old jeans to make this urban chic pin cushion! 
Start to finish in 15 min.
1.Cut a section of denim out. I used the leg portion-it's easy to work with.

.2. Make some long strips. BUT-Cut only a slice about 1 inch into the denim, then RIP! It gives frayed edges and a "cooler" more deconstructed urban-y look.
3. Fold the first strip lengthwise and glue it together at the end. This will be the start of a very long roll up.

4. Start rolling the strip up-just like this, and glue every 3 inches or so. I kept rolling until I
felt it was thick enough. This means I added the 2 other strips, glueing them down on top as I went. I twisted the last strip a little, just for texture. No need to if you don't want.

5. Here I cut out a cardboard circle to attach to the pin cushion. You don't have to do this, but I like things super flat, not wobbly. So eyeball it -cut it- and then glue it down.

 I embellished mine by glueing a button on the top. You could add ribbon, ric rac, sequins, whatever! 


  1. Natalie this is too cute!! I love anything denim!! I will have to do this!! ~Shelley

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  3. That is so fun! I could definitely use a new pincushion!

  4. My dad just passed away and I was looking for something to make out of his old jeans - this is perfect! I'm going to make one for my mom and sister.


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