Fabric Wall Art--the mini wreath

Today the kids were...let's say-energized? So this is all I could get done. I plan to paint the back with a creamy-ivory paint, and attach a hook for hanging. It's a mini-wreath, about 6 inches in diameter.
I need to clean it up a bit, but I like all the strings I think-gives it texture!
My next go at it: all muslin rosettes. Very Shabby Chic.


  1. I just bought more fabric to make some rosettes today too!!! I love the wreath! I totally feel you on the busy kid days!!! I think the people that bust out gorgeous things constantly must not have children or dirty houses! lol! ~Shelley

  2. great idea to use up my scrap of fabric!!! LOVE these cute rosettes and makes them often, but a wreath, never thought of it!

  3. LOVE this idea! Great rosettes. Thanks for sharing.


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