Mod Podge your old Mousepad for a NEW LOOK!

I re-fashioned my old mousepad because my 2 yr old LOVES to write on everything...

This is what I did:
First cut your paper (or fabric might be better) to a little larger than your mousepad. Pull tight, clip corners, and use Mod Podge to glue it down and seal. It looks messy at this point, but MP dries clear-yay!

Cut out your image-I used my CriCut Machine. After your base layer dries, do the same process with this image. Paste it on the front with Mod Podge. Be messy!

Let it dry for a few hours. Mine was done in about 2 hrs, in the sun.

I added the "create" later--kinda cute. 

 My mouse is now happy, and so am I.

I must share....
My new bargain finds! Can you believe I found these on
super-duper clearance?
I LOVE them-stripes,nautical,red,black...FUN!


  1. The new mouse pad looks great! So fun to fix our children's artistic explosions sometimes! lol~Shelley O.


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