Jersey & Voile Scarf mini tutorial

The sun has been absent from the English sky for weeks now...so I apologize for my less than stellar photos!
1.Sew the three layers of fabric together-stack them on top of eachother, and sew 2-3 rows down the center. Use elastic thread in your bobbin. (I linked to MADE's tutorial in the previous post for full instructions on this scarf idea. See it  again here.

2. Take a seperate piece of Voile that is the same width as your scarf voile, and slice into it about an inch, then RIP the rest of the way up to make your fringe fingers. The ripping gives it a nice look. Do this all the way across the Voile.

3. Now pin the fringe piece to the scarf end, right sides together, with the fringe towards the CENTER of the scarf. (So when you flip it over again, it looks right.)

I serged this on, but a zigzag stitch will work on a regular sewing machine.
DONE! Now make another for a friend :o)

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  1. This would be a great project for me to try to sew as a beginner on the sewing machine! Thanks:) ~Shelley


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