How to make a T shirt Necklace

So easy! So fast!
Add bling with studs, diamante, fabric paint, or nothin' at all, like mine...

Here 's what you do:

Grab an old Tshirt and lay it flat. Cut into it about an inch or two, then rip the rest of the way. If you're lucky, it'll come off in a circular form. If you're like me and mess it up, no worries. Just tie it in a knot like below.
(Lots of them in production)(KNOT)Lots of texture fun here-clump them together however you like. I added a knot-bow to my first example. I left it off with the longer version. It's so awsome how it looks good short,long,medium,chunky,or just a few strings.

It's all about texture. It looks "California" to me.
(But, I'm not from Cali, so what do I know?) :o)
My knot-bow thing by itself, before I tied it onto one side of the necklace.

Longer version

Short version

Have fun with it-that's what crafting is all about!!


  1. that looks cute on you! on me it would look like i failed at strangling myself with my shirt!!

  2. I agree! It looks really cute on you but would probably look like one hot mess on me!!! I really love it and will try it though! ~Shelley


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