Fast & Upcycled Baby Arm Warmers- a tutorial

SO Easy & Upcycled from an old shirt-these baby arm warmers could double as wrist bracelets/warmers for a chic adult.  (I should know-- I wear them!) :o)
Why this in June? Well...here in England it can be 70 degrees one minute, and freezing the next. We always have to pack coats, scarves, hats, and these arm warmers whenever we leave the house. A bit different than Texas, but we love it.

Supplies: Old shirt pref. knit type fabric, sewing machine,coordinating thread.

1. Cut your shirt up like this:

2. Now take those sides and trim a section off about 9 inches long and 6 inches wide.

3. Fold 1/2 inch down to the wrong side and sew, this is your upper edge. Do this to the lower edge if it's not already done for you (as in the hemmed bottom of a shirt).

4. Now fold it over wrong sides together like a tube and sew down the side. Leave both "ends" open, just like a tube.

Turn right side out.

You're finished! Wasn't that so easy?!!

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