Eco-friendly craft ideas from some of my fave blogs!

Have you seen this book? It looks so cool...And this one too: Craftcycle: 100+ Earth-Friendly Projects and Ideas for Everyday Living

Here are some ideas to get your craftiness a kick:
These blogs are among my faveorites! Mark them down-you will love 'em.
I link-d to their blogs so you can make these projects too.

Dana's awsome grocery totes made from recycled plastic bags! WOW...find it here!
Totally awsome T-Shirt Yarn placemats!!

What have you Upcycled? I want to see!
I did a dress from a sweater today for Mia, which I hope to post tomorrow  :O)

One more book I found while browsing: EveryDay Upcycle: 101 Scrap Crafts and Repurpose Projects   ahhhhh-can't wait till the next paycheck! LOL

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