Tutti Frutti Cherry Bling for your Wrists! A tutorial.

Quick n Easy Wristies: 

Make these in a snap with any shirred fabric you have. OR "shir your own" fabric (which is quite easy!).  For directions on "shirring" visit here, one of my fave blogs in the universe!

Supplies list: 4-6 inches of fabric for EACH wristy.

Thread, scissors, machine or hand sew.

1. Cut your fabric into your size. Mine started off with 6 inches, but I had to cut them down to fit.
You'll have a strip, about 3 inches tall by 6 inches long. FOLD it over right sides together...

2. Sew the seam shut, about 1/4 inch seam. Remember to backstitch the beginning and end. :)

3. Flip it right side out!


So simple and chic.
I love simple.

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