So Easy No-Sew Fringey Scarf

These scarves sell for a mint here in England! So I decided to get crafty and make one myself. It's so easy you'll wonder why they can charge $15 a piece!
It takes L I T E R A L L Y 5 minutes.

Let's go:

You'll need some jersey knit fabric (light weight T-shirt type stuff), scissors, and a marker.

1. Draw an outline of a triangle. I just eyeballed it-no need for precision here kids. The bigger you make it, the more you can either fold double-style or have it hang like a ZZ Top beard. Whatever floats your boat.

2. Cut out the triangle.

3. Cut the fringe. No measuring again folks, just cut.

4. Mark the corners and cut them out--just guestimate it, again.

6. Tie it on! Super scandalous!

Yeah, nice flour on my face from waffle baking fun this morning! OH MY GOSH! LOL!!!

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