How to make a bottle cap necklace

Peace Out Mother Earth
Upcycled Bottle Cap Necklace Tutorial
Crafty, cheap, easy, and cute!

What you need: used bottle caps, (wash 'em first), picture or fabric scrap, maybe a cut out from a magazine, Envirotex emulsion (at Hobby Lobby) OR glass circles, necklace bail, hot glue gun, and a chain.
If you need these supplies I have kits available. Email me and I'll send you one with a printed tutorial. :o)
You can substitute E6000 glue for the glue gun if you prefer.

Let's get started:
Before starting on assembly, if you want to--paint your backside bottlecap with a cool color like this:

2.Cut out the image you selected at 3/4 inch circle.

3.Glue it down into your bottle cap.

3. I don't have a pic of this, but mix your Envirotex as directed on the box. It's easy, just mix it and fill the liquid into the bottle cap, ON TOP of the image.
If useing a glass circle, pump 3-4 squirts of glue onto the image and mash your circle down.
Let dry at least 12 hrs. I rec 24 hrs if you used Envirotex.

This is without Envirotex-I'm useing a circle here, glueing it down with the glue gun. Remember-3 to 4 pumps of glue or you will have a "glue line" on your image.

4. Glue your bail onto the back of the bottle cap so it's centered and hangs appropriately for your image.
Let this dry for 2-3 hrs before moving.

5. Slip the chain through the bail. You're done! So cute, so easy!

I made these into magnets by glueing a magnet on the back instead of a bail. Fridge bling!


  1. What a fun idea, the possibities are endless

  2. Oh how cute are these!! I am not crafty & I think I could pull this off... One question- the envirotex- you can get that at any craft store?!

  3. Yes-you can buy Envirotex and almost any craft shop. I bought some at Hobby Lobby and Michael's. Tried to get a good deal with the coupons! :o)

  4. These are so darn cute! I LOVE them!

    My daughter loves the candy magnets!!!


  5. Those are great! Have used the Envirotex to make photo coasters before. Visiting from your feature on Moitivate Me Monday


  6. Your blog name caught my eye. ;)
    Great tute. I've never heard of envirotex. I'll have to try it out. Is it like Diamond glaze?

  7. i love this idea! I don't know where to get the pour-on glaze in our country... so you just got me thinking of an alternative. :)

  8. I love love this!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. This is a great tutorial, Natalie! I have all the supplies in the studio already (of course, I do!), and have the neatest bottle caps. They're the stylized birds on the Smirnoff Ice bottles. Some are green with the bird and some are red. Don't even have to paint em!
    Your package is on its way with your Swap cuff and the vanilla extract you won. Hope you love 'em both!

  10. I am a teacher at my local church for K-5th graders and we have been looking for a simple and easy project for Mother's Day project for the kids....Thank you so much. I cannot wait to do this with them

    1. Yay! I hope you all have fun making these--they are always a hit with kids. <3

  11. Yay, I LOVE jewelry ! And this one is absolutely adorable!

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