No-sew Cupcakes

No-Sew Cupcake tutorial
Supplies: fabrics or felt in assorted colors,buttons,glue gun, old sweater sleeve, ric rac.

1. Gather your materials from scraps and old clothing.

Here are mine. I cut the sleeve off my sweater already. My buttons are sitting here for closer examination. The felt and fabric coordinate.

2. Cut strips of fabric and felt (or either/or)  to approx 6 inches x 12 inches long.

3.Optional (I ironed on fusible fleece to my fabric because it was SUPER thin.)

4. Fold felt/fabric lengthwise.

5.Roll up like a sausage--adjusting as you go so the layers are sort-of "stacked".  Use the glue gun to glue layers every 4-5 inches or so, just a dot will do. At the end glue it down and trim the excess off.

6. Pin this together to let glue dry for at least 5 minutes.

7. Glue your buttons together at this point, for the cherry. Trim your ric rac for the decoration at the end.

8. Now cut the cuff off your sweater sleeve and slide the (dried) cupcake into it, securing the fit with glue.

Trim the bottom to make it even.

9. Glue on the ric rac and the cherry top.

You're finished-well done!

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