Flower Power Wall Art

F L O W E R 
 P O W E R
 A R T 
...on the cheap!

1.Buy some flowers from your craft shop.
SNIP off the backs and stems like this:

2. Arrange the buds on a piece of paper that fits your IKEA (i.e. CHEAP) frame.
3.Glue gun them down on the paper.

4. Make sure you're creation is clean with no dust, threads, glue hairs, etc on it. Flip it over right side down on glass and attach the backing of the frame.

D O N E !!!
Now get you're significant other to hang it up for you! YAY! Another crafty day is done.

Better final product pics tomorrow-I'm in England darling, there is no "natural light"!


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  2. this is too cute, i plan to decorate my Princesses room with flowers and such, this will do. Thanks i'm a new follower


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