I LOVE this coffee cozie...pink and skulls--two of my faveorite things!
New tissue cases-in skull fabrics of course!

My Shabby-Chic Bunting: many styles available.

Such a cute OWLS key fob....HOOT!

The Farmer's Market Coffee Cozie
or--the "Best Teacher in the South" cozie in honor of Kat Funk
See her blog Teacher Life Roller Coaster

It's been cloudy and dreary for a few days-which is my excuse to stay in and sew! I still take the kids outside, well mostly Mia...but it's just not the same guilty feeling I get when it's sunny and I want to sew instead of being outside. I've branched out and made some new designs lately. I hope to get better pics tomorrow and post them soon! http://www.myhungryhippie.com/ is up and running, and we accept credit cards now! Going mainstream Hippie!!!! LOL

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  1. Hey nat!! Thanks for the super cool coozie in my honor! :) I LOVE it. Yes, I love apples and all those school things.
    and THANKS for the promo of my own blog :P Only this is the correct address- the other one is my website for my class


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