Chalk Art Mats Tutorial

Chalk Art Mats are great to keep kids busy both at home and away. Here is my tutorial on how to make them :

 Please use this for your personal use only.
 My chalk mats are copyright protected and cannot be reproduced for mass sales without my consent. Permission commercial reproduction is $50 for 50 mats.
See my shop here for details.
Step 1:
Cut out your fabric, vinyl, and chalk cloth. Need supplies? Click HERE for vinyl.  Click here for Chalk Cloth.
I cut my mats at 18 x 13 inches so it allows me a half inch seam.

Step 2:
Iron your fabric to smooth out any wrinkles. Don't iron your chalk cloth or vinyl! You will not be impressed.

Step 3:
Attach your Teflon foot to your sewing machine. (This is optional but saves much heartache when working with vinyl and chalk cloth-trust me.) Click here for a Teflon foot for Janome machines.

Step 4: Sew all layers together, with only 1 pin through them to hold pieces together. Layer them like this: first chalk cloth with WRONG side up, then fabric with RIGHT side up, then clear vinyl piece. Take care when sewing together, it can be a bit tricky. Go slow.

Step 5:
Trim your edges with pinking shears, or whatever trim you fancy. Bias tape works, but adds more time and cost. FUN! You did it-now let your kiddie make some serious chalk art :)
Not complicated-and not a lot of steps...but it can be tricky, so if you have questions please contact me at hungryhippie@live.com
Have a HIPPIE day!

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