WHAT is this plant?

OMG I need Botox --like yesterday! UGH!!! Tape is cheaper I guess.

Mia was telling me all about pushing the buggy here.

Waiting on MOM.

Today--We went for a morning walk, as Mia was asking me "walky... walky? WALKY!!!!" We were up at 0430 to feed Rubes, then Romel got a call from work at 0520. Needless to say Mia woke shortly after, so we made a fire and read books by firelight. At 0800 I was hoping she would get tired. As I went to get dressed, I heard a clammer. Mia was UP on the rocking chair, balancing on one leg, DRINKING my COFFEE! I got to her right as she finished it up, licking her lips! LITERALLY, she really does love coffee. This was NOT my decaf pot either, so I knew it was over. So, yes, we went for a walk at 8am, 30 degrees outside, frost on the ground. What a sight. Mia pushed her buggy with Teddy in it, while I pushed Ruby in her "new" buggy. I got this awsome thing at the second hand store for a song! Awsome. Now it's 1pm and thankfully they both are napping. YAY!
Let's hope I get something done now.

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