New Collection is in the works!

The Empanada Dinner-Romel loved it so much he took a picture!

The world is back to work...so I am too. The girls keep me running! I don't know when I'm going to be able to sleep in the bed again. Ruby keeps me on the couch, it's like she just KNOWS when we try the bed. Crying doesn't cease, so to the couch we go. At least the fire place is there, so if I feel cold I strike up a log or two. I made some more jewels lately. Here are a few pics. I'm into it right now-you know, phase in and out between sewing and jewelry making. I also am in the midst of creating some hair/head pieces-barrettes and headbands that are dazzled up. I will take some pics of those soon. Today I'm going to try and make a scrub cap for a friend too.

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