I'm having the ABSOLUTE hardest time with my girls at bedtime! Mia (2years today!) resists this way--she will go to bed with one of us in the room, even if I'm just reading in the rocking chair. BUT----she will sit there or lay there for over 2 hrs just talking, sucking her thumb, etc....SHE DOES NOT fall asleep! I'm talking 8-9pm not 6pm! I just don't understand. I withhold her naps now to see if it helps. It does NOT. Tonight she's up running a 5k talking a mile a minute while I lay here on the couch pretending to sleep. Then to top it off, RUBY is crying nonstop now, even after the Gripe water miracle that lasted only a week. She fusses from 8pm till midnight without fail. I have been running the vacuum for an hour. And--she will be up at 2am and 6am without fail. I look horrid, my face is a mess. My hair is falling out. I have constant headaches. I am so frustrated!!!!! What happend to peace? Why is my toddler AWAKE this late at night? I take her outside, play, run around in the house. She watches MAYBE 1 show or 2 at the most. HELP.

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