It's supposed to snow this week---we shall see. In the meantime, more and more rain keeps pouring down. I don't mind, I like gloomy days. They make me feel like I'm playing hookie from school for some reason. I don't know what it is-? I'm making homemade clay beads today, in the oven. I am experimenting with resin art too-to fill into a jewelry piece. I'll post how that turns out later. Here is a pic of my latest bag, along with construction photos. So much to do, so little time!!!! Mia and I went to the park Saturday, and now I think she caught a cold there. We may have to stay in today. She also grabbed some nail polish and started to "paint" her toes last night. I couldn't believe she knew exactly what to do! SPONGES! Children are scary in how fast they learn. LOL More pics on next upload, have to space them out or they take too long to download.

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