Well--the snow STUCK!! Rom had already left for work, and encountered many derailed vehicles when the Cpt called the house and said to me--"Has he left yet?"....I knew it! They cancelled all "non-mission critical" personnel today. So, after Rom was at work and did a few things he was able to come back home! YAY! It's still here, (the snow) so we are having a lazy day. The Brits aren't use to driving in it, so we'd rather not be on the road.
Mia helped me make cutout sugar cookies last night. We have to deliver them to our neighbors, Yvonne and girls. (Yvonne is so lovely-she even brought me homemade chicken soup when I was feeling ill!! ) Well-about the cookies-- Yes, we had flour in our hair and all over the house. It was great fun. We spent 3 HRS bakeing! GOOD times....haha My feet hurt! How am I going to be a nurse again if they hurt after only 3 hrs? LOL
I'm off to printing Holiday Cards--on my lovely Epson printer. Hopefully more to tell later. I have some funny videoes to upload, if ONLY Blogger was faster at this process!

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