Post Christmas Bash

Mia looked gorgeous but fought us on the dressing up bit!
Wizard of Oz anyone??

Ruby peeps out...

Oh man....did we have fun or did we HAVE FUN?! Rom and I went to the Lomas household to bring in Christmas. We girls loaded up on the "bubbly" while the men wondered off to the pub. Yvonne, Mrs Waits, her daughter, and I eventually used the excuse that we were having a taste test between the different brands of Champagne. I brought the Bollinger, Mrs Waits brought the Veuve Clicquot, Lomas's had the Sainsbury's special blend, and on... Needless to say after staggering home at half past 2 pm, poor Romel was on his own for dinner!! How terrible! Oh well, the girls and him seemed to have a great time while I laid on the couch for the remainer. Today we are going over our wonderful gifts and cleaning up a bit. The sun was out for a record 4 hrs, so hopefully once Mia wakes from her nap we can get out for a crisp walk. The videoes and pictures are from Xmas Eve. We attended the Carols by Candlelight service at St Margaret's Church right next door. It was really amazing, being in a 500 yr old building. with painted murals on the walls of the Knights that used to attend! And their family trees painted on the walls, lists of men who have died in wars, and even coronation events. Yes, the building looks 500yrs old, yes-there is a slight smell of bird poop....but even still---
At the end of the day, it remains.

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