PEACE OUT 2009!!!!!!

Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" Is soooooooo good!!! Couldn't put it down..read till 4am . Now I'm hell bent on reading up on Noetic Science. Unreal the amount of stuff out there to learn! ESP? Telepathic? Reiki? Read and you will faint! I had some Reiki done to me once-a doctor I knew was in study and needed some test subjects. She did this to me and I started to sweat, felt really really warm in my core, saw rainbows, and my hip stopped hurting for a few days. And the thing is, she never touched me. It's magic! http://www.reikiassociation.org.uk/3.html
Made some more jewels. I'm getting ready for another show in Feb at Lakenheath. Right around Valentines Day. I love hearts! ")

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