Saturday Mania

We rearranged the entire house!! It looks soooooo amazing now. More room (as if), better organization, better looking,..ahhhhh......so lovely! Thanks to Gramma for the help, and thanks to Ruby booby for being so good today. Mia was helping move stuff around as well. :) Now we are enjoying a glass of wine that Romel brought me from Germany. That's a BIG advantage of being in Europe-wine on the (semi) cheap. Yay! Shout out to my sista Kat-we wish you guys were here. Hope your shed project goes well! Holiday Bazaar this weekend on at Mildenhall-and HUNGRY HIPPIE has stuff there with my amiga Lisa. (She makes really awsome signs with vinyl lettering.) I will post a pic of the baby blocks she made for Ruby and Mia tomorrow. Look up Writin' on the Wall on the net for more. Check it. Peace out.

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  1. Soooo wish we were there too!! the shed/porch is coming together...i'm excited to have it get done! Glad dad is here to help...talk more xoxoxoxox


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