Halloween Pics & End of October

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I guess it's the thrill of the legends, the fright filled evening, or the fun of "becoming" something else for the night. Romel and I both agree this would have been a GREAT day to get married--dressed up in goth for me, Power Rangers for him. WHAT?!! Yes, that's what he told me-that he would've dressed up as a freaking POWER RANGER! Weirdo! hahaha Always surprising answers I get from him. He never fails to make me wonder- who the heck is this guy? ") Mia was a gorgeous little ladybug-a ladybug that refused to wear her wings. Ruby was in an orange onesie that read "My first Halloween"...We stopped by Yvonne's house for treats and games and---- a cuppa. Today is the first day of November, with weather to boot. Windy, rainy, and time for Wellies permanently when walking. We have a new fence as well-that our wonderful gardener Mark built. I LOVE it! It keeps the kids inside the "garden" as they say here. Lovely! Now if I could get Mia potty trained all would be aligned in the Universe.

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