Starting to prepare for the Halloween Weekend! YAY! Today we will carve our pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns!! Maybe we will even make our Halloween Cupcakes and take some to our neighbors, Yvonne and her 2 girls. They don't Trick-or-Treat here in England, so we are planning on going to base for that. Mia is going to be a LadyBug or "Ladybird" as they say here....Ruby is going to be a lamb. :) Sweet! I don't know what I will be yet-or daddy, but time willing we will figure something out!
Ruby is pictured here in my homemade wrap sling. Mia has the travel neck pillow fashioned as a hat on her head--what a goof! hahahaha She makes me laugh every single day.

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  1. Have a great weekend! We'll be leaving our home in France to visit my parents in Scotland, where the 'guisers' will be dressed up and doing a rather rough sort of trick or treat. ('Guisers' means disguised people.)

    Lovely to find your blog and your sweet family - I'm in on the challenge of the utmost kind, and decided to come and meet another challengee today!


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