Ruby is up to 7.10oz now! Yay! The doc (Nurse Practioner) told me my milk must be nice and fatty....hahahahahahahahaha OMG!! I was all--"OK-LOLOTF"..hahahaha. Anyways, Ruby is a gem-she is soooo chill. Just like MIA used to be. Now we are dealing with daily temper tantrums from the Mia-ster, but I just try to stay calm. I TRY. Sometimes I bribe her, with berries or juice if we are out. Any advice? Today on our 3rd trip to base in 1 day I just couldn't be chill mommy anymore and HAD to play my Guns n Roses--to decompress a little. I couldn't believe Mia fell asleep! I will have to write that one down for the books.

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