Pumpkin Time!

It was a super fun day at the Pumpkin Patch. Mia took a couple of rides on 2 ponies. She didn't want to leave them! She threw an absolute fit (as seen in the pictures) when we made her leave and go pick a pumpkin. Once we were on to the field she calmed and started to "rearrange" the orange globes. A balloon artist made her a lady bug and a newborn baby ballon-so she can practice. We then went to Lakenheath and played on the slides. This wore daddy out. After grabbing a bite at the Pizza joint we headed home, and little Mia passed out in the car. Now it's time for reading and reflecting, before the next baby gets here!

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  1. I LOVE the tantrum pic - couldn't tell if she was laughing or crying! So cute! Kendall wishes our pumpkin patch had horses!


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