Going into the weekend is always fun. I look forward to Daddy being home, possibly sleeping in-though that almost never happens...and of course weekend outings. Hopefully the weather will hold and we can go to the park tomorrow. Today Mia went with Daddy and Barbara to Mildenhall where she ran around the jungle gym with other kids. Momma stayed home with Ruby. See her winking at me? She has blue eyes right now, though you can't tell in the pic.
Mia is spoiled--here we bought her a mocha frappi becuz she eats mine all the time! I hardly even get a taste! So yes, she had a sugar/caffeine high -that was HELL to pay, but it was fun to see her so proud of her drink.
Flowers from Rom's shop. Thanks! Thanks to all the flowers I received from you all! Wonderful!

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