Citrine Sunshine

I made this bracelet today, and I LOVE IT! But...with a kiddo that's hyperactive and another on the way I can't keep it. Too many details right now in life for me, no time for jewelry. Also made a matching pair of real Citrine earrings. All are in my Etsy shop which is undergoing massive remodeling! I realized last night how dumb my pictures look next to the pros' shops.
It was a nice walk today in the park with Mia. I wore my Wellies as it rained all night. She had fun walking next to the buggy, pointing at all the wonders of nature. I JUST caught her about to JUMP into a huge cow pie. GROOOSOSS!!!
Mia and Daddy have really bonded lately--momma has been busy with cleaning and nesting. Mia Loooooovvveeesss to play with daddy-especially "hide the belly button"...hahaha What a funny girl.

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  1. You should seriously open a shop. If I had a million dollars, I would fund it hahahahaha I'm sure you're getting pretty uncomfortable...keep us posted!!! I LOVE reading your blogs and seeing pics of mia. check it daily :)


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