Baby Ruby is here!

YAY! Ruby Sophia Santini was born in England at 23:35 on Tuesday, Oct 13. Momma went in for a routine doctor appt, and her BP was high. The docs didn't like that, because it wasn't coming down. So....the induction began. After being placed ona pitocin drip it only took a few hours for the dilation and effacement to occur. Pitocin makes contractions hit hard-so an epidural was placed. All my providers were nurses- from the CRNA to the Midwife. LUVED IT! It was such a great delivery. My RN's were so nice, my provider MidWife was beyond compare, my CRNA (anesthesia) was amazing.

Ruby had the umbilical cord around her neck, so once they could reposition me and get her moving the Midwife could remove it. We waited an hour, suddenly I felt really heavy "down there". I told Romel, "maybe I should tell the nurse I feel kinda heavy and weird"...by accident they all strolled in at that moment. The midwife took 1 look and yelled "SECONDS PEOPLE! TABLE NOW!!!"
Ruby was on her way out! I pushed twice and then heard her little cries and screams. Daddy was almost to tears he was so happy. Ruby was really RED!
So, that was that. Here she is, little sister to Mia Joli. Now I've got my girls. Daddy said to me late that night, "well..I guess we have to try one more time for a boy..." AS IF! hahahahaha


  1. MEN!! you just get one out and they are ready for the next one!! Congratulations on the beautiful addition!! can't wait to meet her in person!

  2. one more time for a boy... remind him of my friend with 5 girls!! : )

  3. I am so happy for I'm going to cry! I wish we were close, I would be there right now! So glad you had such a great delivery. We'll call you this weekend- right now with hours, we don't get home until it's midnight for you! What does mia think??? :) Give everyone a BIG hug. love you xoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. So glad to hear it went well!
    Yeah, tell Rom he can have the third when he can push him out of HIS vag!! Ha!!
    Can't wait to meet her!! :) Love & Hugs!!


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