A Truly Fall Day

The weather was windy and chilly today, VERY chilly for September. We loved it! It was so windy I thought Mia might blow away, but she stayed on the ground. :) In the am we made homemade play-dough. She really didn't know what to do with it....that's ok. Just 2 cups flour, 2cups water, 1 cup salt, 2 tbsp cream of tartar and VOILA! It was fun for me at least. Then we made our way to Mildenhall to play in the playroom-see pic. Mia loves it there as she battles all the older children for the equipment. When she got cranky we bought some juice, a latte, and a brownie. Yummie lunch. Off to home (after groceries) and down for a nap. I made a hella lot of jewelry today since I had no internet. I think about 15 necklaces and 8 bracelets, 1 pair earrings. ALl for the upcoming show. Then we were off for our daily walk and talked with the horses. Mia can now do a cat's meow, a giraff (sshhhh), and sort-of a dog bark. Then we lounged in the garden for a little down time and took pictures. Tonight was festive as we danced to all my new iTunes songs (thanks Daddy)!!! and made more stuff. Then bathtime of course which of late has been a battle, but we make it fun with lots of cups to pour water to and fro. DO I sound British or what?!? haha Well, now it's MY time, as Mia is asleep (thank you Grey's Anatomy)...and I will relish in the quiet tranquility of night. See you next time.

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