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Ok...so today was interesting, provided we really didn't sleep last night. Mia is freaking out at night lately, at 1am or so. Caught her sleepwalking 2 nights ago, then last night she was throwing herself around like she was possessed! FREAKED me out. Whatever, toddler years I guess. I'm posting a pic of my (work in progress) crafting shlef system. See all my lovely fabric wrapped around cardboard? I'm recycling boxes I get in the mail to use as makeshift fabric bolts.
And....This am we decided to make homemade applesauce from the apples off our tree. It's fabulous! Tastes so good!! And I HATE store applesauce. The house smells like Fall now. Luv it! Speaking of love....we LUV LUV Rosie Thomas (singer) find her on iTunes. She's stunning! Especially "It don't matter to the sun"... ahhhh. Reminds me of Eva Cassidy-another GREAT great singer. Look them up! We also love Chris Martin and Michael Stipe's "In the Sun". So gorg! Of course nothing like The Boss on "Secret Garden" either. I guess I'm into folksy songs the older I get.
Now Mia is off for her nap, so I will continue to sew and create things for the upcoming Mildenhall Show Sep 12. Check back soon for more updates! More to be listed on Etsy for fall/winter specials. Halloween is my FAVE!!!! YEEEEEEEEE

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