So Excited

I'm thrilled to receive my box from SuperBuzzy...the fabrics are SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!! I almost don't want to cut them up to make things. This plus my Moda order that came in a couple days ago makes me ready to fire up the sewing machine. I'm using a back up until my Viking is fixed, so it's a little weird right now. But that's how it goes. I made a cute pink vinyl covered mat for Mia to eat on since we usually are on the floor. I don't know why the table/high chair thing never caught on with us. The mat is big enough to cover the area she eats in, and will protect the carpeting from spills. Just wipe it clean. Hopefully today I will have time to make some projects and post them later. Daddy is home to help and Mia just might be over her virus she's had for about 32 hrs. More later!

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