Red Wine till Daylight

What an awsome song--"Red Wine till Daylight" by Keri Noble. One of my new fave artists. Just bought 2 albums off iTunes...are they called albums still? :o I cut Mia's fringe (bangs in American)...here they call it fringe. It's super cute-she reminds me of a little Amelie or something. Now what to do with the mullet in the back?? So cute when it's curly and ringlets--but when the static gets going--whoa!!! hahaha I'll include a few picks of my creations today. Mia had a long nap which was awsome for me. Then we went outside and played. This am she got to meet more new friends at the playground on base. It was windy as hell but the sun was shining. Love how being outside really tuckers her out for a nap. I just wish it wasn't such a struggle to try and leave! Everytime!! ugh
We also made low fat applesauce cake today-which of course Mia wanted to eat the batter. (Like mother like daughter!) I saved us 750 calories and 80 grmas of fat by omitting the oil. How awsome is that? And you can't even taste a diff! Which reminds me--I'm so ready to have this baby and start dieting! I just feel sooooooo large. ahhhhhh Well I'm signing off till tomorrow. It's been very difficult to sleep of late, and to get out of bed every two hours to wee is hell! Enuf of the pregnancy complaining egh? Right!

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