Monday Monday

Well, it's already half way through September and the post office is already becoming so busy. Lines are forming almost everyday I've been in the last week. I can't believe it...they are even advertising for people to apply for Holiday job openeings. Wow. So it's begun.

The show was sort of a bust, not a lot of people showed up. Oh well, I had fun sitting with Lynds gabbing. We both got sunburned-now I have what looks like a t shirt on but it's a farmer tan! In England! haahha

Mia has been so happy to have daddy home. She is just absolutely infatuated. Today is Rom's first day back at his real job, so we drove him in. Mia insisted on wearing her pink hat over 1 eye. It was hilarious. If I straightened it out on her head she would pull it down over her right eye again. Thug!?! haha More to be added later, as I need to get this house cleaned up! Weekend messes just kill my mood.

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