Mia's Driving!

This little girl is something else...talk about INTO everything! Now she knows where the knife drawer is...(I know--yikes!)...where the chemical cleaning supplies are, how to OPEN the latched gate...how to open the front door!! OMG!! It is making me crazy. I thought I could relax now that she can halfway amuse herself with her toys and such. Yeah right! She loves her new pink car and "drives" it all the time. SHe loves to throw the rocks in the driveway at whatever is in front of her. Everyday we play outside and she gets VERY dirty...I think it's cute. Let her have fun I say. We were at the playground and this mother kept yelling at her kid to get out of the sandy area--"you're going to get dirty" she kept saying. I thought to myself-"THAT's what it's for lady!! It's a PLAYGROUND!" haha Maybe it's me.

Oh yeah- and my latest addiction? Sour Patch Kids. UGH. WHY WHY??!!

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