Waiting for Fall

I cannot wait until Fall....I can tell already it is going to be STUNNING here!!! Mia and I took more nature pictures today on our walk. We went late, around 5pm after it had rained all day. THe sun was out, a cool breeze blowing,...people outside, horses out, dogs, flowers in bloom...I could go on and on. What a beautiful country this is.

Mia had a full day at Mildenhall Play group. THis place was unreal- a playground indoors with the biggest kid friendly softy gym I've ever seen. She ran around with about 30 other kids all under age 8 years. A few hours later she laid down on the floor telling me it was time to go!! Us fabric ladies gathered for chat and coffee and it was super fun! Can't wait till next time. Now I'm off to put baby to bed and hopefully stay awake myself to do some sewing and crafting! More tomorrow...

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