About Me

Hi! I'm so glad you're here!

I'm Natalie.

Why "hungryhippie"?

 My husband joked with me one day that I'm such a "hungry" Hippie- because I wear flowers in my hair, obsess about recycling, and I am always eating cheese. LOL The name stuck cause it's cute.

I'm a former Army Nurse Corps Officer turned tree hugging, love- arrow -shooting hippie.  I work as a nurse during the daytime (but not every day because I have to stay sane you know)--and craft, sew, and quilt in the space in between.  I have my pilot's license and fly my Dad's planes when the weather is nice. I read a LOT especially about British history -I love the drama.  Mama to two girls, wife to retired Air Force Msgt turned exec, daughter and sister. 

In 2016 we  moved back to the good ol' USA from living in England for over six years. My heart broke when we left but the experience made me a better person. Would I move back? In a heartbeat.

A few bits about me if you're curious: and if you're not, carry on.

I've had a crush on Indiana Jones for thirty+ years, and I think Kevin Costner is super H O T.

I believe we are all interconnected, to each other and to the Earth.

I don't care what you drive or what sort of clothes you wear, I won't even notice actually.

I'm obsessed with PBS and BBC documentaries. (Super obsessed.)

I'm a SEWING and QUILTING fanatic. I have to sew every single day, even if it's midnight and I'm tired as hell -- I will get 10 minutes in.

I always cheer for the underdog. Always.

I want to be an astronaut when I grow up. 

I'd love to hear from you. Contact me anytime.

email me: hungryhippie (at) live.com