About Me

Hi! I'm so glad you're here!

I wear flowers in my hair, obsess about recycling, and I am always eating cheese. I'm a former Army Nurse Corps Officer turned tree hugging, granola eating, meditating hippie.  I still work as a nurse a couple days a week, and create patterns for sewing and quilting projects on the other days. 

 Hungry Hippie Sews is all about sewing projects for the adventurous beginner or intermediate sewer. Nothing too intense. No focus on absolute perfection. (Gross.) I want people to create with abandon and fearlessness, listening to that voice inside rather than outside pressures. 

My patterns are here in my Etsy shop and also in local stores- ask your local shop to carry them if they don't yet.  :)

I love to collaborate! Drop me an email anytime. 

I SUPPORT MAKERS- yes you can sell what you make with my patterns on a home based scale. I appreciate the mention that it's my pattern when posted online or in a shop.

I'm in this for the LOVE OF SEWING and MAKING. End of story.

Little tidbits about me if you're curious, and if not--carry on.

I root for the underdog, the non perfectionist, and prefer to be with people who are PRESENT.

I read a LOT-- especially about British history -I love the drama. 

I have ZERO time for mean people- including tacky rudeness, privileged attitudes, and bad driving. 

In 2016 we  moved back to the good ol' USA from living in England for nearly 7 years. I miss it every single day, deep in my bones. You won't know what I mean until you live somewhere you feel in your DNA.

I believe we are all interconnected, to each other and to the Earth-more than we realize.

I don't care what you drive or what sort of clothes you wear, I won't even notice actually. Unless you show up naked, then I'll for sure notice. Eww gross! LOL

I learned to fly when I was 9 years old, soloed at 16, license at 17. Sometimes I still do.

I'm obsessed with PBS and BBC documentaries.

I'm a SEWING fanatic. I have to sew every single day, even if it's midnight and I'm tired as hell -- I will get 10 minutes in.

I want to be an astronaut when I grow up-- I'm not kidding.

I'd love to hear from you. Contact me anytime.

Don't text and drive.  (Can't help myself, I'm a nurse.)

email me: hungryhippie (at) live.com