Summer Dress along Painted Portrait Dress Day THREE

OK-- we are now at Step #7.

You'll be clipping the seam allowance around the neckline curve up to the edgestitching to allow a better fabric lay once turned out again. However things get tricky with the next sentence :
 "rather than clipping off the seam allowances at the top corners of the Back Yokes, fold the top seam allowance down against the wrong side of the corner, then fold the center seam allowance in over that, hold them in place together as you poke just the corner to its right side." 

That was a VERY long sentence and I had to read it at least 45 times to understand what she's saying here. But that's me. . . and I sometimes forget what I'm doing when I'm doing it. So------- let's do this with a video.

The second part of Step 7 is turning everything right sides out. Here's another video:

Step 8

It's important you marked the starting/stop points --and sew keeping the back yoke facings (linings) free. Repeat again with the back yoke facings, keeping the main back yokes free (this is step 9). Here's another video: (note I sewed the main yokes first, then the lining).

Steps 10 & 11

No video for this, it's pretty clear. We will sew the top edge of the front MAIN panel with the bottom edge of the front yoke RST. You already gathered your front MAIN panel, but adjust it now to fit the yoke either more gathers or less. Press seam allowance up towards the wrong side of yoke. I LIKE TO finish my seam here with a quick serge or pinking shears cut, it's not mandatory because we will hide it later, but still -- extra insurance.

Repeat these steps with back MAIN panel and back yoke.

Step 13

Sewing the bias tape to the armholes.


Part two:


We will stop here for this week. Next are steps 14-17 and then finishing the dress! In the pattern we are skipping the sleeves -- so even though it looks like a lot is left, there really isn't. Stay motivated! :D

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  1. I am just back from time in the north woods and wonder where I can get this pattern. it seems sold out everywhere.


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