New Tote pattern coming soon! Free coffee cozie sewing pattern

 This simple tote pattern is my go-to favorite. I designed a larger one about six years ago but it needed some revamping. I scaled it down a little, added an extra large vinyl pocket on both sides and inside, and foam interfacing. 

I'm going to release this pattern in it's simple version form, and add tutorials for extra touches like purse feet, more pockets, zipper pocket on the inside, and a snap closure at the top.  

My 9 yr old takes my photos sometimes. I like hers better than when I do it with a tripod.

I tend to like fast, easy bags that I can make in between the kids needing my attention.  

I've been on the computer a lot the past few weeks writing new patterns and quilt designs. Speaking of, my Color Splash quilt pattern is now available here.  

Tutorial for this super silky ruffl-y sham coming soon.

Here is a free coffee cozie pattern for you. These are great gifts, whipped up in just a few minutes. I've been making them since 2009 when I started sewing, and this is by far my favorite way- no closures.

I decided to do it like this after running out of cute buttons and elastics one day. My pattern is a bit longer than most, because I the way I close. 



1 fat quarter fabric
1 FQ batting or thermolam / insulator of your choice

Use pattern piece provided HERE
1 main fabric
1 lining fabric
1 or 2 layers batting / thermolam / or fleece

1. Stack layers  RST (right sides together): lining, exterior, batting on top. Pin in place. Sew all around perimeter leaving one short side open for turning.  

2. Trim seam allowance and trim off corners.

3. Turn right sides out, gently pushing corners out with a knitting needle or chopstick. Press well. 

4. Turn in opening on side, press, and sew closed.

5. Top stitch all around cozie.

6. Wrap around a coffee cup / reusable thermos and measure where it needs to fit. Pin in place, remove from cup, and sew.

This part can be a little tricky, just go slowly and move the sleeve around to make it easiest for you. I like to sew looking at the inside. 

I feel the pin, and when I get close with the sewing needle I pull it out. I sew slowly here. lock stitching at beginning and end.

Done! A fast and cute gift for the many Cuties you know.

Raid the scrap bin, let's make 100! 


(But not on your finners!)  LOL

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